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From Just Listed to Just Sold: The Ultimate Checklist to Marketing Your New Listing Online

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Do you ever talk to other real estate agents and wonder how they manage to sell their listings so quickly?

Some agents just seem to have all the luck, right?

Well, believe it or not, luck doesn’t have much to do with it at all. Those agents whose properties sell as fast as they list them have discovered the power of digital marketing, and you can have the same “luck” that they do when you follow a few simple tips.

Use this checklist to market your new listings online and see how much faster your properties can sell.

Create a website for your properties – If you’re in business in the 21st century, you need a website. With your real estate website, you can create individual pages for the properties you have listed. Then you can link to them on your social media pages and get more people to check out your listings.

Create a listing blog – You can help yourself out even more by setting up a listing blog on your site where you’ll write a bit about each of your listings and what makes them special. This will help you populate your site with appropriate keywords, and it’ll give you shareable content for your social media pages, too.

Take gorgeous pictures – Don’t just go in with your phone and snap a few shots of the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Get a professional real estate photographer to come out and take gorgeous pictures that make people want to see the property for themselves.

Share those pictures on Instagram – Instagram is a real estate agent’s best friend. After all, it’s a social network entirely based on photos and video clips. You can get people excited about an upcoming open house by posting some enticing pictures or short videos of the property and using appropriate trending hashtags to get more people than just your followers to see your posts.

Shoot a virtual tour – For your premium listing clients, shoot a video walk-through that gives a first-hand look at the property that buyers will love.

Start a YouTube channel – After you shoot videos of your properties, you can upload them to YouTube. Then you can link to them and embed them across social media. You can even post a teaser video on Instagram or Snapchat to get your followers to go check the full video out on YouTube.

Enhance your Trulia, Zillow, and listings – In addition to listing on the MLS, you’ll also want to make sure that the home is listed on popular real estate search sites like these. You don’t just want to list the property, though – you want to make that listing stand out. Write an excellent description that naturally uses keywords that your buyers are interested in. Upload all of those gorgeous pictures you took. Make sure that all of the amenities and features of the property are included. In other words, enhance each of your listings so that your property is more attractive than the comps.

Give a live tour on Facebook Live – Facebook Live is a cool new Facebook feature that lets you live stream videos right from your phone or tablet. Start by posting about your upcoming Facebook Live event and let people know that you’re going to give them a sneak peek at a great new property. Then they can log on to watch you live and ask questions in the comments, which you can answer in your video. Then the video will be viewable on your Facebook page after you finish. It’s a great way to give a sense of urgency and to show off the property, too.

Create “Just Listed” Facebook ads – Facebook ads are specifically targeted to the audience you want to see them, so they’re almost always money well spent. Creating a “Just Listed” ad that will show up for your ideal clients will get you more exposure and get more people to come to your open house.

Post stories on Snapchat – Speaking of urgency, Snapchat stories (videos or pictures with captions) are only available for 24 hours after you post them. That means that your Snapchat followers are going to be checking back frequently to make sure they don’t miss anything, and they’ll be more likely to catch your videos and pictures for your latest listing before your open house.

Tweet about it – Twitter is the ultimate micro-blogging platform, and it’s the fastest paced social network around. And now you can post pictures and videos to Twitter, too. It’s a huge network, and its users are always checking their feeds on their phones and tablets. Send a short and sweet tweet with the right hashtags, and you could get a lot more people checking on your listing and interested in setting up viewings.

Connect with clients on – Houzz has a real estate agent category in their “Find Pros” section that can help you connect with new clients and build your reputation in the field. Sign up for the site, and then you can post pictures of your current listed properties and fill out your profile so that people can find you. For more information, check out Houzz’s guide to best practices for real estate agents on the site.

Use analytics to track effective advertising and marketing – Facebook has built-in analytical tools that can help you figure out which of your posts are getting the most attention and engagement. Google Analytics can help you gauge how your website is doing. Use these services to find trends and patterns in your digital marketing, and you’ll be able to focus your efforts more on what’s actually working for you.

There you go! Now you have a whole checklist of digital marketing tips to help you go from just listed to just sold faster than you ever thought possible. Have fun and happy selling!

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