13 Secrets to Google Places - Google for Real Estate by NM4A
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13 Secrets to Google Places for Real Estate

13 Secrets to Google Places for Real Estate

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If you didn’t know already, our team is Google fanatics. We just can’t get enough of the easy to use, lead generating and money making features that Google has to offer. We aren’t the only ones. 90% of all home buyers and home sellers start their real estate search online. Whether it is to research properties or research you, they all start at the search engine. 

As a result we are launching a Google for Real Estate series that will uncover an insane amount of Google tips that no one in their right mind would give away for free!

Are You Using Google For Real Estate?

The most popular search engine today is Google, which is why so many real estate professionals bow at the “OO” of Google. We can’t help it…its our bread and butter.We love it so much because Google makes it easier for real estate professionals to connect with home buyers, home sellers, investors and renters at every stage of the buying funnel.

Whether they are looking for properties to buy, exploring locations to move to, selecting  an agent or exploring income opportunities, using Google for real estate is the way to reach buyers and sellers. It’s the way you get more leads and you sell more homes.

So let’s dive into ways you can use Google Places for real estate.

The Secret to Google Places for Real Estate

Google places is a business listing service by Google. Real estate professionals can claim your business listing with Google Places for Business so that clients can find you when looking for real estate help on Google Search and on Google Maps. Here are a few secrets to help you rank higher:

1. Verify Your Google Listings. The first step to getting your real estate Google places to rank higher on Google for real estate searches is to verify your listing. You can verify your listing through a phone call, SMS or mail. Whichever method you selelct Google will send you a pin code that you then must enter into your Google Places account.

2. Build Your Google Citations. Just like when you wrote a report for school and had to citate your sources, the same works for Google places. When you add your address and phone number to your Google real estate listing, Google searches the web for other places that has that same phone number and address. The stronger citations means higher Google places rankings when someone searches Google for real estate related keywords.

BONUS!  You can build citations by adding your real estate business to other online directories as well as writing real estate press releases and making sure your address and phone number are on your real estate website.

3. Use Your Real Business Name. Don’t use a real estate SEO keyword as your business name, use your real name. You are not fooling Google Places by doing that.

4. If your real estate business is local, use a local phone number. Do not ever use a 800 number in your Real Estate Google listing, Google correlates the phone number to your address. If they match that’s extra Google juice for you.

5. Match Your Address. Make sure that the address on your website is the same that is on your real estate Google places listing.

BONUS! Put your address and phone number is on every page of your website.

6. Get At least 5 good reviews. Reviews are the foundation of your Google Places real estate ranking. Don’t be shy about asking your real estate clients to post a review on Google. Remember, Google requires at least 5 reviews to display the star ratings on your real estate places page.

BONUS! After closing, ask your real estate client if they would take 30 minutes to sit down with you and write a detailed review of their experience on your real estate Google Places, Yelp, Zillow, etc. Walk your clients through how to posting the review and ask them to mention your primary real estate keyword at least once.

7. Add Tons of Real Estate Images. Google lets you add up to 10 images. Pictures of your real estate listings and your headshot are good options. Use a real estate SEO keyword to name each of your images. The first image is what shows up first in Google for real estate keywords, so choose the first image wisely.

BONUS! Most people don’t know that you can go over the 10 images by uploading pictures on 3rd party photo sites like Flikr, CitySearch, InsiderPages, Yelp, etc. Google will grab those photos and add them to your Google real estate places page.

BONUS! Get your clients and friends to post pictures to your Google real estate places page. When someone else uploads an image from their google account it will show up as “From a Google user” helping your ranking in Google for real estate keywords and increasing click-throughs.

8. Use 7 Secret Websites For Higher Rankings. Google checks these 7 websites for client reviews. If you can get your real estate clients to review your business on these 7 websites you will rank higher in your Google Places listing:

  1. Yahoo
  2. CitySearch
  3. Angie’s Lists
  4. AVVO
  5. Insider Pages
  6. Judy’s Book
  7. Service Magic

9. Keep Categories Honest. Never put your real estate keywords in your Google Places categories. Only choose the best category for your real estate business.

10. Get Links From Related Businesses. Here is an awesome trick! For example, if you are ranked 6th in Google places for your real estate keywords and you want to pass up the real estate business ahead of you, click on their Google Places listing. At the bottom you will see a box called “More about this place”. In order to pass up that real estate business in the results, you need to get links to your website from the websites listed in the box.

11. Get A 100% Completion Rating. Fill out all of your real estate business information, upload real estate related videos and virtual tours, upload pictures. Fill out every single piece of information for the best results.

12. Post Website Links To Your Google Places Listing. Most real estate professionals don’t know about the “post” feature which allows you to post an update to your real estate business Google Places page. Use this feature to link to your home search page, your listings page, your about us page or any other information that is helpful to home buyers and home sellers.

13. Reply to every review. Don’t just respond to negative reviews. Respond to positive reviews a well! It shows that you care about your real estate clients. Plus you can slip in info about you and your specialties.

If you follow these secrets you will be amazed at how well your Google Places performs. 

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