6 Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies that Work
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6 Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies that Work

6 Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies that Work

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There is so much real estate digital marketing advice out there that can, and will, make your head explode from trying to figure out how you are going to do it all.

The truth is you cannot do it all.

In this article I will discuss the 6 things that you can do that will get you results without wasting your time, energy and money.

In today’s converging world of email, mobile, social media and gaming, savvy real estate professionals are seeking the most innovative real estate digital marketing strategies to boost their digital presence—and increase leads.

If you’re looking to attract more real estate leads to your website, increase your pull in the digital marketplace or bolster your branding online, there are several key strategies you are going to want to hear about… that work.

Strategy 1. Creative Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

There are plenty of articles that cover social media 101 for real estate including social media design, setup and marketing. However, the one thing that all these real estate digital marketing articles are missing? The WOW factor.

When you step out of the stale and boring “real estate” marketing that every agent, professional and business is doing, you will not only set your self apart but grow a loyal following.

Forget everything else including how many times and at what time to post. Just focus on having fun and getting creative.

Strategy 2. Creating A Monthly Real Estate Digital Marketing Plan

I cannot stress importance of planning when developing your strategy for digital marketing. Trying to market yourself online randomly will drive you insane. Every single month you should stop and plan your content and the promotion of your content.

Every week you should type your social media updates in a document and find the images you are going to use. Then put everything into action buy using automation software like Hootsuite for your social media and scheduling your post in advance on your blogging software.

Strategy 3. Designing a Lead Ready Real Estate Website

What’s a lead ready real estate website? It’s a website that is built and designed with the sole purpose of attracting and nurturing leads. Here are a few tips to make your site a lead generator:

  1. No Templates. Get rid of the real estate website template and get a custom website developed that focuses on your brand and how you stand out against your competition. Looking like your competition… not a good idea.
  2. Go Dynamic. During development make sure your real estate website design agency knows that you want a dynamic website. Dynamic means that it stretches and adjusts easily no matter what device the end user is on.
  3. CTAs. You website should be full of calls-to action that take customers to unique landing pages.
  4. Blogging is your friend. Embrace it! Blogging one or two times a week keeps you website fresh and filled with new content. Google loves that!

Strategy 4. Search Engine Optimization

There are actually a few real estate gurus who are preaching that SEO is dead and social media optimization is the wave of the future. I agree in the importance of social media optimization, but having a large following is an imperative part of that.

Many real estate agents just don’t have a large following on social media and they are not “internet famous”. Search engine optimization is still a very viable way to get good leads and increase brand awareness.

Strategy 5. Effective and Consistent Email Marketing

Make your Email marketing effective. When someone signs up to get more information about a property or service, touch base with them at least 2 times a month. Ensure your subject lines as compelling as possible so that your potential client will actually open the email.

Remember, once you’ve created a strong email list, you have a built in customer base that you can communicate with you on your own schedule and terms. Email marketing is still VERY effective, if done right. And don’t forget to make sure your emails are optimized for mobile.

Strategy 6. Investing In Thought Leadership

Remember we talked about being “famous” in your industry. This is how you do it so you can begin to build a loyal following in your area that look to you for real estate advice. Contact blogs and websites that focus on news in your community and pitch yourself to write a weekly about real estate, get on your local morning show and do a segment on buying a home, write articles and reports that are innovative and cutting edge and distribute them to industry leaders.

Closing thoughts? Please remember that your online marketing is very much like your offline marketing strategies, and it needs to be well planned.

Hopefully, these 6 Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategies will give you a few insights that can take your business marketing to new heights online—and well beyond digital too. Which one are you planning on implementing first?

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