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How To Market To Realtors

How To Market To Realtors

Understanding how to market to Realtors in the 21st century is a key component for certain businesses including real estate agencies, title insurance companies or a mortgage professional.

However, today’s Realtor is not the Realtor of yesterday. Its a new day where digital marketing has replaced traditional methods and communication is now in the form of 120 characters of less.

Here are a few innovative was to help you reach that coveted audience of Realtors in your area.

Stand Out From The Crowd With Innovative Technology

Right now you have an advantage in the industry. According to Inman Next Connect, Realtors are not to happy with their brokers right now. Why? Well, they want more technology, innovation and training.

This is a great way for a brokerage or mortgage professional to step up and fill in the gap.  To understgand how to market to Realtors you got to understand the power of technology.

Offer innovative technology and training. Once the word gets around in your area that you are offering training that is useful and cutting edge, you won’t have any problems getting Realtors to contact you.

Have An AMAZING Website That Wows

Successful agents rank their websites a 7 out of 10 and their broker’s websites a 3 out of 10. Having a good website matters, for many reasons. It shows that you are successful, up to date and interested in technology.

A great website should be well designed and easy to navigate. It should include an updated blog, ebooks and resources and more.

Your blog should not only be about what you can offer, but should also offer free resources to Realtors so that they can promote and market themselves.  Giving away free advice is one of the ways to start mastering how to market to Realtors.

Make An Effort Stay In Contact With Realtors On A Consistent Basis

Realtors have so much going on, trying to remember everyone they meet is impossible. That’s why it key to remind them of who you are.

There are many tools at your disposal, and in combination, it can put your business in front of Realtors on a regular basis. Just by utlizing eBooks, social media, blog rss and email drip marketing, you can be in front of Realtors around the clock.

The key is consistency and quality content. Now, add direct mail marketing and presenting at locations where Realtors are and you have unlocked the secret of how to market to Realtors