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Infographic: How To Pick Your Real Estate SEO Keywords

Infographic: How To Pick Your Real Estate SEO Keywords

Beautiful + Custom WordPress Websites
for Real Estate Pros

I’ll work with you one on one to design a stunning real estate website, including:

CUSTOM WORDPRESS WEB DESIGN: 100% custom WordPress website design built on my core template. Blog styling is included (customized blog page, categories/archive page, and sidebar elements.)

5 WEBSITE PAGES: 5 custom designed website pages including your home page, and 4 other internal pages.

IDX CONSULT: Review of IDX options based on your MLS area. Installation and setup of your IDX.

3 IDX PAGES: 3 IDX pages including a search page, a property listings page, and an individual property page.

Real Estate SEO is the way you get leads, period. You need to show up on the first page of search engines. If consumers can’t find you then they aren’t going to use you as their real estate agent. We know how hard real estate SEO is. With all the work that goes into choosing your keywords, blogging, writing content, you want to be blessed by the “Google Gods” with great search engine traffic.

The key to getting great search engine traffic is finding HYPERLOCAL keywords that AREN’T TOO COMPETITIVE and that GET GOOD TRAFFIC and focus on the correct INDUSTRY JARGON. We could write an extremely long blog post that goes into to the details of selecting your real estate SEO keywords, but we figured a picture would do better. I mean..who doesn’t like a good picture? So, the below infographic goes through our process for selecting real estate SEO keywords for a Phoenix, Arizona real estate agent.

As you are checking out our pretty freakin’ awesome infographic, if we say so ourselves, thinking about your real estate SEO keywords. If you have any input, questions or strategies, please hit us up by commenting below.


Instagram & Pinterest Marketing
for Real Estate Pros

Instagram & Pinterest are the perfect visual platform to showcase beautiful homes and lifestyles. Let’s work together to create more traffic to your website.

MARKETING STRATEGY: Custom strategy including posting, brand voice and tone, influencer research, and profile style guide.

MONTHLY MANAGEMENT: Monthly management including custom content creation, scheduling, and posting

GROWTH + ENGAGEMENT: Monthly engagement including targeted follower acquisition and community outreach.

INFLUENCER MARKETING: Weekly content curation and influencer outreach for service promotion.