Inbound Marketing 101 for Real Estate
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Inbound Marketing 101 for Real Estate

Inbound Marketing 101 for Real Estate

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Imagine… never having to pay for leads or make cold calls, but still have an influx of WARM real estate leads. That’s sole focus of inbound marketing.

In this article I’ll share the basics of inbound marketing for the real estate industry and how you can begin getting leads into your funnel.

Inbound Marketing for Real Estate 101

In the past few years, inbound marketing for real estate has increased in use as an efficient and successful marketing tool for many real estate businesses.

Inbound marketing is the process of attracting qualified leads and funneling them to your real estate business instead of wasting efforts and money in inefficient and time-consuming practices like cold calling, advertising and person-to-person sales.

While standard outbound marketing forces a company to get in front of cold leads and convince them to try a product or service, inbound marketing takes less effort and is more cost effective.

In fact, inbound marketing has become the most popular real estate marketing practice for real estate professionals in today’s economy.

Successful Inbound Marketing Tactics for Real Estate

What are the most successful inbound marketing tactics? They include:

  • Social media activity
  • Blogging
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • White papers
  • Webinars

These tactics are used to attract potential clients. When a person responds to these inbound practices, they basically pre-qualify themselves as warm leads, making it easier to close the deal when you connect with them again.

Tips for Effective Inbound Marketing

What’s are the most important aspects of a successful inbound marketing plan for real estate?

Compelling Content


It starts with having or creating compelling content. Content is king—it’s what attracts and engages people. In fact, the content in your blogs and webinars really does most of the selling for you.

When it comes to your website, having it optimized to capture these prospects, via landing pages and forms, is another important element. Your site can actually close deals for you, saving the expense of paying employees to do the same.

Think of inbound marketing as a continuous stream. It starts with whatever you first engage a potential customer with, like a blog. Once you draw them to your site, you have to continue to engage them when they “land” there and encourage them to go deeper.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is important as well. More people use search than ever before and it’s important to know what keywords people are using in relation to the product or service you offer.

You need to understand how keywords and phrases work together and then group and organize them to be match for search engines. By peppering these keywords throughout your real estate site and your real estate blogs you can help yourself rise in search.  Buying keywords from Google is one way, but also hiring SEO consultants to help can be effective.

Pay Per Click

Here is the one part of inbound marketing that can be considered “advertising”… pay per click. Optimizing Pay Per Click (PPC) is another useful practice when it comes to drawing traffic to your business.  It really does pay to know what real estate keywords and groupings are turning into actual conversions on your site so you can optimize and expand how you use them.

Bonus – 4 Tips for Creating Inbound Traffic

  1. Social Bookmarking by using social networks like Digg, Twitter and Reddit to submit links that direct to your website and/or landing pages
  2. Submitting articles on a topics that your real estate clients want to hear, with a bio that links back to your business
  3.  Posting on forums to keep your company on the top of everyone’s mind
  4.  Doing guest posts on other blogs which increases your presence

Expanding your inbound marketing is easy over time. And it really is a more efficient and cost-effective approach to growing a real estate business. Good luck!

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