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Real Estate Content Marketing: How to Create Content that Attracts Real Clients

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If you’re being truly honest with yourself, you know that the real estate business (while necessary, and often lucrative) isn’t the most interesting thing in the world to read about. However, we all also know that having a regularly updated, engaging blog full of articles is a great way to connect with buyers and seal the deal. Everyone loves to feel as though they are making a large purchase from a real estate agency that is staffed by both “experts” and “real” people. They want to relate to your content, be informed by it, but also to be entertained.

Tall order, isn’t it? If your blog so far is mostly concerned with new listings and information about mortgage rates, you may have some work ahead of you. But the return is worth it. According to NewsCred, businesses that blog three or four times a week on a regular basis, generate five times the traffic versus a business that doesn’t blog regularly. And another NewsCred study showed that 70% of consumers prefer reading blog articles to get to know a company over any other type of contact.

Clearly, the value of a well-written, consistent blog is unarguable. So how do you go about creating content that is relevant to real estate, and yet still entertaining and informative? Here are some ways that you can spice up your blogging this year:

Customize Your Content

Everyone likes to feel as though a business is speaking directly to them, so providing customized content is a great way to reach your target audience. It’s pretty easy to do this when you consider all the blog topics that can be written about specific areas where you have real estate:

  • Showcase upcoming local events
  • Report on the win of a big game by a local sports team
  • Create a Guide to the Neighborhood or Town
  • Report on new restaurant or attractions opening

You can also create content that applies to more than one area, but appeals to certain types of buyers:

  • Landscaping tips, custom to the area’s specific vegetation and soil type
  • Interior decorating tips, especially when customized to local trends
  • Holiday traditions based on the specific attractions and events in an area
  • Showcase particularly beautiful or celebrity homes in the area

Visual Content is King

Any time you are creating content on the Internet, including a visual element can increase the clicks more than five times over. Videos are a great way to connect with your buyers, and show off your personality.

When creating videos, it’s important to consider your brand. If your aim is to present yourself as an expert in finding ways to get financing, then keep your videos mostly about the various types of financing. But other ideas include a tour of an open house, tours of homes that were just sold, before and after videos of homes that were flipped, how-to videos, and even testimonials from happy clients.

No matter what type of videos you upload, always aim for short presentations given in plain English. The most popular YouTube personalities, who get millions of views every month, rely on three-minute videos given in a bullet-point-like format, with quick nuggets of information listed in fun ways.

Educate to Create Your Target Audience

Another great way to ensure that your blog is reaching the right people is to turn the audience you do have into your target audience. This is accomplished through education. Post calculators that help potential buyers understand how to budget for a mortgage; give information about the cost of moving and the cost of living in specific areas; or even do Q&A posts based on commonly asked questions from open houses.

Be sure to break your educational content down into short tips that can be shared via social media. Tweets, Facebook posts, Google+ posts, and LinkedIn posts are great places to share fast information. It makes readers feel as though you value their time by giving them the facts quickly.

You can also create infographics, or make a bullet point list of important points on attractive photography, and share via Pinterest or Instagram. Any blog post you create, no matter what it is, should always have a visual element that can be shared through these two social websites. Pinterest is one of the top websites visited by people who are interested in finding their dream home.

Track and Analyze Posts

Using these tips to create popular, entertaining posts is one thing; but it’s never a good idea to blindly post content that isn’t working. No matter what you choose to post, you should always be sure that you have tracking software in place that can tell you what worked and what didn’t. You may find that your particular audience is more likely to engage with an informative blog, rather than a video, or vice versa.

Many blogging platforms, like WordPress and Squarespace, offer analytics tools built right in. Take advantage of this information as often as you can. You may even be able to tweak a post that is failing, and salvage your time and work before it becomes useless. Look for a high number of daily clicks, find out what website or link brought your readers to that blog post, and pay attention to what type of content leads to comments and shares on social media. The more information you have, the better you’ll be able to tailor your future content for the best results.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that your blog and social media profiles can be making you money if you use them correctly. Even posts from years ago can come up in Google searches and lead to a new buyer.

By focusing on locally curated content, video and visual content, and making your educational content easily accessible through social media, you can create a blog that gets tons of engagement. Be sure that your posts end in questions, or invitations for comments, so that your potential buyers always feel welcome to contact you. The sooner you can convert a reader to an engaged member of your audience, the sooner you’ll be able to close a deal for a satisfied new customer.

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