Real Estate Content Marketing - How To Use It To Get Real Estate Leads
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Real Estate Content Marketing - How To Use It To Get Real Estate Leads

Real Estate Content Marketing – How To Use It To Get Real Estate Leads

Beautiful + Custom WordPress Websites
for Real Estate Pros

I’ll work with you one on one to design a stunning real estate website, including:

CUSTOM WORDPRESS WEB DESIGN: 100% custom WordPress website design built on my core template. Blog styling is included (customized blog page, categories/archive page, and sidebar elements.)

5 WEBSITE PAGES: 5 custom designed website pages including your home page, and 4 other internal pages.

IDX CONSULT: Review of IDX options based on your MLS area. Installation and setup of your IDX.

3 IDX PAGES: 3 IDX pages including a search page, a property listings page, and an individual property page.

Real estate agents are quickly realizing that they cannot ignore internet marketing if they want to generate qualified real estate leads. Creating useful and educative content is important when selling online, and selling properties is not an exception. What makes real estate content marketing special?

  • It keeps conversations flowing and builds trust with potential real estate clients
  • It establishes you as a leader in real estate niche
  • It drives organic traffic to your real estate website through SEO and social media

Today, most people search for information on the Internet. For your real estate website to be found, you must take action to reach prospective property buyers. This is where content marketing comes in.

Real estate content marketing involves the creation of different types of content like blog posts, ebooks, whitepapers, videos, etc. with the aim of educating, engaging and addressing the needs of your target market. You must understand what your real estate market is looking for and provide useful content that satisfies that need.

Types of Real Estate Content Marketing to Produce

Producing different types of content is important to keeping your audience engaged and qualifying your leads. Determine the types of content and schedule that you will be producing them. For example, when developing your real estate content marketing strategy, you can blog twice per week, provide an eBook once a month and hold a webinar quarterly.

All content that you provide should be valuable and compelling such that your readers can share them on social media or forward it to their contacts. If your real estate content marketing strategy is not compelling, you might lose your readership and your SEO efforts will spiral downwards. Therefore, before you put any content out, ask yourself, “is this content providing value to my audience?” If the answer is no, find a way to make it compelling. You do not want your blog to shout with a lot of “fluff” content.

Listen to what your real estate audience is asking and create content on their needs. You can find ideas on creating content through:

  • Going through questions asked on your blog, real estate forums, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Inviting readers to suggest topics to cover on your blog
  • Tracking the engagement brought about by different types of content

Generate Qualified Leads through Real Estate Content Marketing

You should produce real estate content that your market wants. Your online content marketing strategy should have a mix of content that will keep your audience coming back to your real estate blog and looking forward to your next posts.

Your real estate website should look professional. It is the first impression that prospects will have about your business. A combination of aesthetics and usability is the best route to increase your ROI. However, its important to remember to not compromise a good user experience for aesthetics. Avoid using interactive menus built with heavy JavaScript and flash headers; they make a site slow and disrupt user experience. Remember, no matter how great your content marketing strategy, if your website does not keep potential real estate clients on it, you will lose out. That is why site design and functionality is so important.

Before you start developing your content marketing strategy, you need to identify your target real estate market and come up with a content strategy that will help to build a relationship with them and foster trust. Your content marketing strategy should include list of topics that you should cover. You do not want to get stuck along the way for running out of ideas on what to provide.

Laying down your plans in advance will keep you on a clear content generation path that will help your real estate website to improve in search engines rankings and help you generate qualified real estate leads. In real estate marketing, images and videos play an important role in conversions and should be a part of your content marketing strategy. You want your listings to have high quality shots or videos and even provide walk around tours in your properties. Make it easy for prospects to make decisions.

Instagram & Pinterest Marketing
for Real Estate Pros

Instagram & Pinterest are the perfect visual platform to showcase beautiful homes and lifestyles. Let’s work together to create more traffic to your website.

MARKETING STRATEGY: Custom strategy including posting, brand voice and tone, influencer research, and profile style guide.

MONTHLY MANAGEMENT: Monthly management including custom content creation, scheduling, and posting

GROWTH + ENGAGEMENT: Monthly engagement including targeted follower acquisition and community outreach.

INFLUENCER MARKETING: Weekly content curation and influencer outreach for service promotion.