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Real Estate SEO & SEM – Why It's Important

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Understanding real estate SEO & SEM

One of our goals at NM4A is not talking over our real estate clients heads. Many technology and marketing firms talk a language so foreign that their clients feel like they can’t partake in their own marketing. Real estate is about relationships and targeting home buyers and home sellers. Marketing agencies should define and explain their real estate marketing strategies to get  real estate marketing success.

What is SEM for real estate?

Real estate search engine marketing (SEM) is a marketing technique that uses the internet to promote your real estate website. This technique can increase your ranking in search engines by utilizing paid advertisements (Adwords, Mircrosoft adCenter and Yahoo! Search Marketing).

What is real estate SEO?

Real estate SEO is a strategy used that optimizes your real estate website pages and real estate website blogs for search engines by incorporating specific real estate keywords (i.e “buy a home in city-state”) and links.

Why is real estate SEM important?

Many real estate internet marketers say that SEM is not as important as real estate SEO. However, not understanding the difference between the two, can lead to that conclusion. Real estate SEM uses paid advertising to promote or test your website. SEM is a resourceful tool when planning your real estate search engine optimization strategy (SEO) for your real estate website.

SEM is important for serious real estate businesses because it can lay the ground work for your SEO strategy. For example, lets say a Tim is a real estate agent that is creating the content for his real estate blog with the goal of blogging to generate leads. After researching keywords there are a number of keywords associated with selling affordable homes including:

  • cheap homes for sale
  • short sales
  • buy a cheap home
  • buy a reo

Instead of spending time cultivating all of these keywords into his real estate blog, Tim has decided to try SEM for each keyword. He uses AdWords to create a campaign for each keyword. After 1 month he notices that “cheap homes for sale” and “buy a reo” got the most click-throughs to his website. Going forward with his real estate seo content, he now knows which keywords are the best to use.

Why SEM should not be a substitute for SEO!

We’ve all gotten that call from the SEM marketing agency that goes like this:

“Hey Tim, I heard you were a real estate agent in Tucson, Arizona. I did a search on you and noticed that you are not showing up for [insert neighborhood] and I wanted to let you know that I can get you on the first page for [buy a cheap home in [neighborhood or city]. I work directly with Google and for $[insert crazy amount of money per month] I can get you on the first page!”

After a few months Tim notices that he is showing up for the key terms he purchased but not getting any leads… why?

Because people who are searching the internet are more likely to click on the first generic ranked sites than the advertisements.

Don’t get us wrong, there are tons of real estate agents, brokerages and title companies that pay a lot of money on SEM and get results, but the results are not as effective as if they had focused on real estate seo.

Use your real estate SEM strategy and real estate SEO strategy together for the best results

Our tip for all you DIY marketers out there? Merge your SEO and SEM strategies together for the best results and remember what powers a search engine… it’s people not Google. Market for people first!

Mashable has a great article on unifying your SEO and SEM strategies here.

How are you using SEO and SEM in your real estate business. Have you gotten any good results? We’d love to hear from you!

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