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The 5 C’s of Real Estate Marketing

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Every year I write down resolutions for our company. It’s a great tip for you as well. Ask yourself, if my business was a real person what would he or she want?

Once I write down anything – and everything – that comes to my mind, I start researching real estate marketing trends and predictions in our industry. Then I go back to my list and scratch out anything doesn’t align with my research.

This year, 5 very clear trends stood out.

I felt that these five trends were revolutionary. So much so that for the first time ever, I’m going to share my yearly resolutions with you.

In order to get results from your real estate marketing every year, and get a brand that is remembered, you need to follow these 5 C’s:

  • Content
  • Creativity
  • Conversation
  • Consistency
  • Cash

Let’s look a little closer at what this means for you.


People have been saying Content is King for years now. But no one knew how true or accurate that saying was until 2013. I wrote a blog post  back in 2012 saying, if you don’t start a real estate blog now you’ll regret it later, and I think 2013 taught us I was spot on.

2013 was all about content. It came in different forms,  including long detailed blog posts, short and sweet microblogs, comprehensive eBooks, detailed white papers, slideshows, presentations, webinars… the list goes on and on.

Once content was created it took over social media and advertising. CONTENT was all that was being shared and promoted.

It makes perfect sense really. Create something great and send people back to your website.

Get started creating content. Make it a priority this year, and if you don’t have time to do it, hire an agency to do it for you.

How often should you be creating content? At a minimum you should be:

  • Creating a blog post every week
  • Posting to social media once per day
  • Developing an ebook every year


Let’s really be honest about our industry. To consumers, it can get boring really fast. Here’s what I find on most real estate professionals’ websites and social media accounts:

  • Boring market reports
  • Boring front of house listing images
  • Boring pictures of neighborhood signs

I challenge you to be more creative this year. For example, to celebrate the Breaking Bad series finale, a real estate agent posted Walt Whitman’s  house for sale on Craigslist with her contact information on it.

Also, one of my favorite real estate bloggers here in Phoenix discusses tons of off topic posts that garner lots of attention.

Corcoran does a great job of focusing on the lifestyle side of real estate. Their Facebook page is full of drool worthy homes and they just launched an eatery guide.

corcoran fb


Many marketers today follow the post it and forget it method of marketing… and that’s why there are no leads.

Bottom line, majority of real estate professionals want leads. Growing your business should always be the end goal.

But posting something and forgetting it is not going to get you anywhere. You need to constantly nurture your potential clients into a funnel so you can develop a relationship with them.

I have 2 ways of doing this.

First I ispend 50% of my time posting to social media and 50% of our time engaging via commenting, tagging, thanking people, mentioning people, and promoting/complimenting other people’s work.

Secondly everything I do focuses on getting people back to my  website and into my funnel.

Everything puts us in the position of conversating with our potential client.


Easier said than done right? Consistency is hard for a real estate professional because selling is the first priority. But to grow, you have to invest in your marketing. Going weeks, even months, without engaging with your audience does you no good.

To stay consistent you may need hire an intern, employee or an agency to handle your digital marketing needs.

Regardless of what you decide to do, the key to consistency is organization.

On the 1st of each month I shut down to review and plan for the upcoming month. During that planning session I utilize editorial calendars that tell the story of what needs to happen each day, for us and our clients.

From blog posts and social media, to listing presentations and postcard designs, I organize it all.

Once that is in place I live and die by the calendar. No excuses, no postponing… I just get it done.

Once you make marketing as important as paying a bill or showing a house, your business will grow exponentially.


So you did all that hard work above and no one saw any of it?

It’s time you spend some money to get your content to the right people.

Recently Facebook changed so that only a small percentage of your content even gets to your audience. In order to play, you must pay.

$5 per day per social network is a good start to advertising online. Also pay per click and Google adsense are easy ways to get your feet wet.

Lastly, Tulia and Zillow advertising are both great ways to get buyer and seller leads quickly.

Organic marketing techniques without an advertising budget will make it harder to get the best results for your business.

I think the 5 C’s are the future of real estate marketing in the new year and I am looking forward to making them an even higher priority in my business.

How about you? Which of the 5 C’s will you implement?

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