The Marketing Strategy of a $100,000+ Per Year Real Estate Agent
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The All Time Best Way to Create a Real Estate Marketing Strategy

The Marketing Strategy of a Successful Agent

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How To Change Your Marketing Strategy To Become A $100,000+ Per Real Estate Agent – What InmanNext Real Estate Connect Taught Us

A true real estate marketing strategy that works is the  holy grail in the real estate industry, to keep it working, it takes constantly monitoring industry trends.

As a result, we’ve attended a lot of webinars, conferences, seminars, networking events, etc. We’ve heard speakers from real estate marketers to successful real estate professionals… we’ve seen every type of real estate marketing strategy.

However, to this day, the most important piece of information that we received, thus far, was  InmanNext Real Estate Connect‘s inside look at the marketing strategy of  $100k+ per year real estate agents.

Although the audience was brokerages, the information, statistics and details that were mentioned were so profound that we took a few months to mull it over… to research it… to find its truth… not that we doubted it.

So who is the $100k+ per year real estate agent?



Let’s cut to the chase…. Where is the new $100k+ real estate agent getting business from:

#1 Their past clients and referrals

Our Thoughts – Your real estate database of current clients is still the most important thing that you can do for yourself and your business. There is nothing better than referrals. They are not shopping around for a real estate agent, they already were recommended one… YOU. Yes, we are in the business of providing you with a digital real estate marketing strategy, but even we can’t replace the power of relationship marketing.

Your Takeaways – Email your database, call your database, reach out to your circle of influence including friends, family, ex-coworkers, etc. Call in those favors! Let everyone know that you are in real estate.

#2 Their website

Our Thoughts – We still can’t believe that there are real estate agents out there without websites. We also can’t believe that many don’t invest any time or money in their online presence. Notice the image above references how little time agents spend at their brokerages. Why is that? The web is the new brokers office. 90% of ALL home buyers start their search online.

Your Takeaways – Get a website if you don’t have one. Get rid of the boring look alike templates and get a custom website designed that is beautiful, stunning and visual. Home buyers want to look at homes! Start neighborhood blogging. Farm neighborhoods online by coming up first in Google for your targeted neighborhoods. Get a mobile website!

#3 Their social media presence

Our Thoughts – Social media isn’t going anywhere. Some social media marketers out there are going to roll there eyes when I say this, but you can get real estate leads from social media! It’s possible, we’ve done it for our clients over and over again. Whether its a referral lead through another Realtor(r)  or an actual home buyer or home seller… or its showing up in search engines because of your social media marketing strategy… social media works. You can’t afford not to do it.

Your Takeaways – Take social media seriously. It’s not just about talking about yourself. Engage with your audience. Link back to landing pages. Provide a resource to your fans and followers. Engage in social listening and go after the clients you want.

#4 Their lawn signs

Our Thoughts – Lawn signs are a great way to engage with home buyers, especially when combined with a mobile marketing strategy. A home buyer that is driving around looking for houses are the best type of leads. Is your lawn sign giving them all the information they need. The average home buyer is 35 years old! Can they text you? Can they scan a QR Code? Can access a virtual tour? Can they see mobile IDX to search form more homes? Can they call you?

Your Takeaways – Take your lawn signs to the next level and incorporate a clean and modern design that matches the home’s inside. Include ways for every demographic to contact you. Incorporate a mobile marketing strategy! The home buyer or home seller is standing there looking at your sign with a mobile phone in their hand… this is a great chance to build a database.

#5 Their Search Engine Efforts

Our Thoughts – SIGH…. where do we begin… we’ve heard a million real estate agents tell me… “I don’t care about SEO”,  “I heard it was too hard”, “I heard it was expensive” and “I heard there is too much competition”. Guess what? Those are all excuses. SEO still works and most people don’t click past the first page. The key to success? Narrowing your real estate SEO down to long-tail  hyper-local efficient keywords using city, state, zip-codes and specific neighborhoods!

Your Takeaways – Hire an  real estate SEO company to research your keywords AND to teach you how to do it yourself. Start neighborhood blogging about specific neighborhoods in order to get found in long-tail keyword results.

That’s the top 5 ways today’s successful real estate agents get real estate leads. Remember.. the above only work if combined with CONSISTENCY.

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