What's The Big Deal About a Real Estate Marketing Plan?
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What's The Big Deal About a Real Estate Marketing Plan?

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Failure to plan means you are planning to fail, which is a philosophy I hold dear. A real estate marketing plan is imperative for the success of your business, but many just don’t get why.

Most of the time when I work with a real estate business who is excited about digital marketing, the same thing happens. I get something like this…

“We heard that we can do “this or that” with social media and reach millions of people! When can you start tweeting?”

One of the worst things you can do is jump head first into digital marketing with no clear real estate marketing plan or goal.

Trust me… I know. 

I started helping small businesses in my small town of Zachary, LA at the age of 18. That was in 2001.

Back then I didn’t have a plan. I was a young computer geek who loved to challenge myself.

Years later, I’ve developed a company,  marketing plans and tools that not only make your real estate business look good.. but get results.

Here’s the secret to digital marketing success…


And the only way to be consistent is to follow a good plan, day in and day out.

Why does a real estate marketing plan matter?

  • Your clients are not stupid. Buying decisions are made online every day. If your real estate business doesn’t have an effective  real estate marketing plan then you are leaving dollars on the table.
  • How can you tell what’s not working if you don’t know what you are doing in the first place? It’s vital to keep up with changing trends and technology and allow the Internet to start working for you as effectively as possible.

So,  Tierra.. how do I get started? 

Glad you asked! Here’s what I would do for you:

1. I would figure out who your customer/audience is. 

I don’t just jot something down… I really think about it.

How old are they? What do they like? What do they do for fun? Who are their influencers? Why do they buy real estate? What other brands have them as cult followers?

2. I would find out where the person above is online. 

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? Google Plus, Facebook and LinkedIn? Pinterest, Instagram and Vine? Tumblr or WordPress? Forums? Where are they?

Once I figure that out, I need to be where they are.

3. I would create an editorial calendar.

I create editorial calendars for every single digital channel above. Your editorial calendar should show what you are posting every single day.

This should include company blogs, website content, press releases, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest pins, LinkedIn posts, and any email, webinar or video marketing you should be conducting.

Your digital marketing editorial calendar and your social media editorial calendar can link together content and themes for a cohesive messaging over the course of the quarter and the year.

By having a clear “map” of what messages are where and when in the digital sphere helps increase your ability to measure through Google analytics and other tools.

In the end, you’ll have a great idea of what is working and where, and how to proceed when creating your next editorial calendars.


Tips for Editorial Calendars

1. Set goals for content (blogs, emails, etc.) and increase each quarter

2. Time your digital marking monthly, weekly, day by day—or even hour by hour.

3. Set themes for seasons and holidays, etc.

4. I would create an engagement calendar

This is different than an editorial calendar. An engagement calendar lets you know exactly how to engage with your audience.

It will include things like how often to like other people’s posts, how often to retweet on Twitter, who to follow and like, when to thank people for liking your pages, commenting on blog posts… etc.

5. FINALLY… The last step is pretty obvious and I mentioned it above… put it to action…


And the only way to be consistent is to follow a good  real estate marketing plan, day in and day out.

Instagram & Pinterest Marketing
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Instagram & Pinterest are the perfect visual platform to showcase beautiful homes and lifestyles. Let’s work together to create more traffic to your website.

MARKETING STRATEGY: Custom strategy including posting, brand voice and tone, influencer research, and profile style guide.

MONTHLY MANAGEMENT: Monthly management including custom content creation, scheduling, and posting

GROWTH + ENGAGEMENT: Monthly engagement including targeted follower acquisition and community outreach.

INFLUENCER MARKETING: Weekly content curation and influencer outreach for service promotion.