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Who Else Wants Twitter Real Estate Leads?

Who Else Wants Twitter Real Estate Leads?

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Twitter real estate leads are possible. Many real estate marketing companies and tech savvy real estate agents say you cannot get leads via the social media, we’ve proven that’s false.

But as the saying goes, most times when people say never… they just don’t know how. Are you using Twitter for real estate leads?

If not, you can get Twitter real estate leads by utilizing these social media marketing strategies combined with social listening.

What Your Real Estate Clients Are Saying On Twitter

Countless numbers of home buyers, home sellers, renters, investors and more use Twitter to post updates about real estate. These updates usually fall in the following categories:

  • They are getting ready to move to a different location
  • They really need to sell their house and are having a hard time
  • They want a different lifestyle
  • They are searching for homes, either online or with a realtor
  • Their lease is about to end
  • They need new office space because their business is growing
  • They know someone who falls into the above categories
Could you imagine being able to listen in on your potential real estate client’s personal conversations and offer them targeted real estate services that they need? That is the power of Twitter for real estate.

In order to find your potential real estate clients on Twitter you have to listen. That is where real estate social listening comes in! Real Estate Social listening is a sales technique used by sales professionals. Here is how it works:

1. Find Twitter real estate keywords.

Twitter users don’t talk on Twitter  like they search in search engines. These real estate keywords should be specialized for Twitter and real estate. For example, if our clients want to find home buyer leads we may search for “buy home” or “need home” or “anyone home”.  These Twitter real estate searches will pull up any real estate tweets that have those terms in them.

2. Localize your Twitter real estate keyword searches.

Real estate agents work certain areas. It’s impossible to weed out the millions of real estate tweets and focus only on the ones in your area without a tool. You can utlize Hootsuite or Sprout Social to setup searches within certain locations.

Once you localize your Twitter real estate searches save each one so that you can go back and check them daily.

3. Spend time daily engaging with home buyers & sellers.

Everyday you should go in and check your Twitter real estate saved searches and respond those who could be prospective client. Make sure you respond in a timely manner and be relaxed. If you find someone on Twitter that is looking for a downtown Condo you may respond “I love Downtown and know it back and forth. I can send you some places in your price range. Can you DM me your email?”

4. Follow Up With Real Estate Prospects.

If you message a real estate prospect and they don’t respond, don’t worry. Send them a link to a real estate search tool on your website for a no pressure approach. They may register and look around and get back to you when they need to.

5. Change Your Twitter Real Estate Keywords As Needed.

Some Twitter real estate keywords you use will be gold mines, and some will be a waste of time. It’s important to clean up your keyword list. You can do this by deleting Twitter real estate keywords with no results, deleting keywords with no relevance, and adding keywords that may be more effective.

6. Keep On Tweeting.

If you are going to be serious about using twitter for real estate  leads make sure you tweet regularly. You should post to Twitter at least 3 to 4 times per day with real estate updates. If you don’t have time, there are scheduling tools like Buffer and Hootsuite, that can schedule.

7. Do not let social media fanatics scare you into not scheduling your tweets.

It is okay to schedule your real estate tweets in advance for the week! As long as you keep engaging with your audience, you are following all the real estate social media rules.

Managing Your Time

Real Estate Social listening can take an hour or two each day. It can be even longer if you have multiple Twitter real estate key terms. Managing your time could get overwhelming.

The best thing to do is to set aside a block of time each day. During that time sit back and go through your Twitter real estate keywords and respond to tweeters. Once you are done, come back again the same time the next day.

If you want more results and don’t have time, hire a real estate social media marketing agency to help you. At New Media 4 AGents, we can search through your Twitter real estate leads daily and respond for you. Next, we send you warm prospects.  A good social listening plan for Facebook and Twitter can cost between $750 to $1,000 per month.

What Results Can I expect?

When it comes to twitter real estate leads, the right social media strategy combined with social media consistency is key. If you have the right Twitter real estate keywords and you are engaging on a daily basis, you can expect 5 to 20 real estate leads per month. With the right social media strategy you could close up to 3 real estate leads per month.

We consistently send our clients leads on a monthly basis!

What Tools Do You Suggest?

There are a number of social media management tools that you can use to help you set up your real estate social listening program. Our favorite tools include:

Hootsuite: Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that helps you manage your social media marketing efforts. You can shcedule your real estate tweets in advance, you can create real estate search feeds and you can geo-target your real estate searches.

Buffer: Buffer is a tool that automatically schedules your social media. Buffer uses a  technology that schedules based on times when your intended audence is most likely to listen. This can help you get more exposure for your real estate tweets.

Sprout Social: Sprout Social is another social media management tool with CRM capabilities. If you are looking for an all in one real estate social media management solution with amazing features this would be our recommendation. We offer this tool to all of our clients.

IFTTT: Iifttt or If Then Then That, is an amazing tool that “makes the internet work for you”. It allows you to automate the web and make different tools work together. For example, your Twitter could talk to your Gmail and vice versa.

Putting It All Together

So how do you pull a Twitter real estate lead generation program together? The most important takeaways from this article include:

1. Spend time perfecting your Twitter Real Estate keywords.

Real estate clients talk differently on Twitter. They shorten words, use hash tags and acronyms. Know what your potential real estate clients are saying. Twitter for real estate leads is a science and it takes experimentation to get it right.

2. Stay Engaged with your Twitter Real Estate Followers

Be sure to update your Twitter daily and stay in touch with your real estate clients. Don’t just try to sell real estate our your services! You should offer advice, tips and genuine help. Share their content and get involved. That’s what social media is about.

3. Manage Your Time.

You are a real estate professional, selling houses should be your first priority. You should use social media management tools to help you get the job done. Don’t let real estate social media fanatics scare you out of managing your time and scheduling your Twitter real estate updates. Its okay as long as you stay engaged.

4. Be Consistent.

Lastly, real estate social media consistency is key in everything you do. If you stick with this real estate social media marketing plan on a daily basis for atleast 6 months you will see real results.

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